Electrical Installation in Reseda: Electrical installations should always be done correctly; it pays off in the long run. Electrical installation heavily dictates the lifespan of your electrical devices. The electrical expert at HandymanReseda can help you with any of your electrical problems, including emergency repairs and lighting. If you are located in Reseda, we are the top answer for "Hanydman near me" as we provide the best handyman service in Reseda, California.


  1. Smoke Detector Installation: Your house's most crucial safety device is the smoke detector. Your family's chance of surviving a fire in your home will increase if the smoke detector functions correctly. Unfortunately, home fire deaths are most common in those who do not have functioning smoke detectors. Many homes have smoke alarms or smoke detectors that are not working correctly or do not have batteries. The faulty sensors can also be a problem. A poorly placed smoke detector can be just as dangerous as one that works perfectly. 

Installation of Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors: Carbon monoxide can be fatal if inhaled, so we thoroughly ensure that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work correctly. You can also install battery-powered smoke detectors by yourself. It is beneficial to place them in a safe and practical location, but hiring a licensed electrician to install sensors wired directly into your home's mains power is best.

  1. Ceiling and Attic Fan Installation: Ceiling fans do not cool air like air conditioners. Ceiling fans move air and make people feel more relaxed in the summer. They are also beneficial to feel warmer in winter and save electricity all year. A ceiling fan installed in summer creates the same effect as a breeze. It cools the skin by cooling it down and helping to evaporate any excess sweat. The blades should blow cool air down onto people. They are usually rotated counterclockwise when viewed from below. The upturned edges should be leading the blades. Some ceiling fans come with a switch that allows you to change the direction. The button can also turn up the heat for your family during wintertime. The fan also draws warm air from the ceiling towards the people. To reverse the direction of the blades, push the button. The blades will rotate clockwise in most fans. The fan will draw cool air up from the floor towards the ceiling and push down warmer air towards the ceiling. The fan doesn't blow on people, so it doesn't cause a wind chill effect. Ceiling fan motors consume less energy than furnaces and air conditioners. Therefore, each degree they cool or heat is "bought" at a lower price. Ceilings fans are budget-friendly and a great way to save money and energy while still being comfortable. Turn them off when nobody is in the room as it is not beneficial to move the air around the room. 

Ceiling and Attic Fan Installation: Stay cool during hot summers and save on your energy bills with professionally installed ceiling or attic fans.

  1. EV Charger Installation: An electric car is more than just a way to save money on your weekly gasoline bill. By driving an electric vehicle, you are improving the air quality in California and decreasing our dependence on oil and foreign gas. Rising fuel costs will not have a significant impact on your budget. You are helping to create more green jobs in Los Angeles by buying an electric car. Here are some basics about the Electric Vehicle Charger. We are available at 818-446-0888 if you have any questions. Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are becoming more popular and increasing in number each year. The transition to electric cars from gas-powered vehicles is occurring faster than people realize. Electric and hybrid vehicles could quickly become the preferred choice for increasing numbers of car buyers shortly. It is the perfect time to purchase your first electric car if you're in the market for a vehicle. Manufacturers have since created hybrid and fully electric plug-in vehicles, also known as PEVs. 

Installation of EV Chargers: Our professional electricians can install various EV solutions, including charging stations that will fit all your hybrid and electric vehicles.

  • Chargers of Level 1: The standard Level 1 charger is included with the PEVs to charge the car's battery. The Level 1 charger, a basic EV charger, is usually included with hybrid or electric vehicles. You can plug it into an ordinary 120-volt outlet in your garage. One must connect a Level 1 charger to its electrical circuit, which means that no other devices should be plugged into the same outlet or circuit breaker. It is recommended that the outlet be a GFCI-type receptacle to protect against electric shock.

A Level 1 charger has one problem. Some vehicles may take 12 hours to charge using 120 Volt standard household powerfully. Depending on the car you have, you can expect to get 3 to 5 miles, which may work for you if you drive only short distances and don't completely drain your battery. To give your vehicle enough power to last the day, you'll need to plug it in every night.

  • Chargers of Level 2: If you need your electric vehicle's battery to be fully charged quickly, there is an alternative. A Level 2 charger can charge an EV car in approximately 4 to 6 hours, depending on its charger. The Level 2 charger is larger than the Level 1 charger. It is usually mounted on the wall of your garage or near the car's parked spot. The Level 2 charger is equipped with an electrical cord that plugs into the car's port. One can compare it to a mini-gas station in your garage. However, you will be using electricity to fuel your vehicle.

An electrician who is familiar with EV chargers will be able to install a Level 2 charger. The Level 2 charger needs 240 volts, different from the standard outlet found in a garage or home. An electrician will assess whether your current electric panel is capable of handling the new circuit. An electrical panel upgrade will be required if your existing electric panel cannot take the new course. This consultation will provide you with a quote and allow you to discuss the best location for the charger.

  • Electrical Panel Installation & Upgrades: Older electrical panels can be dangerous. Modern electrical panel upgrades can ensure your home is ready to handle any technology and electrical appliances. Your electrical panel is also known as a service panel. It controls all electricity in your home. This panel is what receives electricity from the utility company and supplies power to all of your appliances. Circuit breakers control electricity flow within your panel. When too much electricity is flowing in, breakers trip to prevent wiring melting and electric fires.
  1. Electrical Troubleshooting: You are probably familiar with the difficulties of solving electrical problems or wiring issues in your home. There are many places where things can go wrong. The Electric Connection can help you with any electrical problem. Troubleshooting is the first step in any electrical repair. Once the problem is identified, we can ensure success. It is called electrical troubleshooting because it finds the root cause of an electrical problem. Our technicians are required to visit your home to examine the situation and offer a solution if there isn't one. The electrician will inspect a variety of things during an electrical troubleshoot, beginning by collecting information about your problems, which will enable him to identify the root cause of the problem and gather the necessary tools. Once he gathers the data, he will better understand the issue and pinpoint the root cause. It's easy to fix the electrical problem from this point. After the problem is resolved, he will verify that the repair job is complete. Although electrical troubleshooting can be a difficult job, a professional technician such as those at HandymanReseda will help you and get your electrical back up and running no matter what.

Electrical Troubleshooting: Our team of emergency electricians can arrive at your home as soon as possible to repair any electrical problems. Contact us immediately if you experience sparking, smoke, unusual smells, or continuous outages.

  1. Expert electrical assistance: Our technicians have a solid knowledge of electrical troubleshooting and will approach every electrical repair job with enthusiasm. They can identify the problem and then work backward. Sometimes, the task of fixing the problem is not as hard as you might think. To find the exact situation the first time, we always test the length of the electric path. The technicians will explain your electrical problem in terms you can understand. Our long-standing policy is to provide all information possible and address any concerns or questions you may have. We are your neighbors and want each customer to have a pleasant experience with their electrical service. We are available to help you with any electrical issues. We are available to help you with any electrical problems during regular business hours.
  2. Kitchen, Bathroom & Garage Lighting Installation: We can help you discover the benefits of hiring a handyman electrician in Reseda when you think about updating or installing lighting in your home or bathroom lighting.

Kitchen, Bathroom, and Garage Lighting Installation - Brighten the essential rooms of your home with accent lighting, LED lights and light timers, dimmers, recessed lighting, and many other options. Our licensed electricians can find innovative solutions to help you save money. We provide outstanding service for the installation of these types of lighting:

  • Traditional Light Fixture

Traditional lighting fixtures are best incorporated into traditional interior decor schemes to create a stunning and harmonious lighting environment. We can help you find the proper lighting for your interior design ideas.

  • Follow Light

We are experts in track lighting installations. Track lighting is used to illuminate any space in a modular way that is flexible and adaptable. Track lighting is usually installed in one room to create a lighting solution that illuminates every area.

  • Recessed light

For home homeowners who want a lighting system that blends seamlessly into their space, recessed lighting is the best choice. Recessed lighting is a particular type of installation that professionals should only do. For more information about recessed lighting installation, please call us.

  • Energy-efficient light

Energy-efficient lighting is a simple way to protect the environment and your budget. We can help you choose LEDs or compact fluorescent lighting to make long-term energy savings.

  • Outdoor Lighting

Lack of lighting is the only thing that will prevent you from enjoying your outdoor space in the evening. Many lighting options can transform a backyard or patio into a place to entertain friends and family. A well-lit area is also proven to prevent theft. You can improve the safety of your home by adding some light. We're happy to install your outdoor lighting.

  • Pendant Lighting

The Electric Connection is sure to make your lighting project successful. Contact us today to schedule a visit and see how we can lighten your world.

  • Landscape Lighting: Landscape lighting is more than just putting a few solar lights into the ground. Professional installation is required to transform your yard into the safe, beautiful space you desire. The exterior lighting can improve the appearance of your property and increase its value. A sufficient amount of lighting makes it safer to enter and exit your home, as well as to entertain guests at a backyard BBQ. Outdoor lighting is installed for many reasons: to use ornamental flowers and trees to highlight your garden, to highlight a water feature, for outdoor dining or entertaining at night, to light up a patio or deck, to add safety signs to dark corners, to light up the pathways leading to your front door or through your garden will make it look more inviting, to increase safety by illuminating staircases.

A simple lighting fixture can make a boring backyard look attractive. To make your water fountain stand out, you can have colored lights placed around it. Swimming pools, flower gardens, and statues are all areas that can be enhanced by adequately placed lighting.

Landscape Lighting: Find the perfect lighting for your garden and yard. Our electricians can help you design and install landscape lighting systems that are both beautiful and efficient. We also take care of kitchen lighting.

It is no surprise that you work hard to maintain your landscaping. You want it to be beautiful with stunning lighting that highlights the best of your yard. We will work with you to create a suitable lighting scheme for your yard.

Things to remember when installing landscape lights:

  • Make sure the light does not distract or obscure the view of motorists.
  • Do not touch your neighbor's property.
  • It doesn't create enough light that the stars are indistinct
  • Use energy-efficient lights that won't increase your electric bill

Landscape lighting Installations will include automatic systems that control when the lights turn on and off. You have the option to choose from motion sensors or photocells that will turn on and off depending on available light. Our light fixtures are weather-sealed for durability and long-lasting use.

The HandymanReseda's team is available to assist you in designing the ideal lighting scheme for your landscape that will enhance your home's value and safety, as well as increase the natural beauty of your backyard.

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