Kitchen Remodeler in Reseda: HandymanReseda is on the clock to help our clients with minor to large-scale kitchen remodels at the most reasonable price. Our top-of-the-line customer service and expert guidance with the design plans are available to you at all times. We also have a remodeling team that will ensure that your kitchen envisions what you had in mind.

Are you looking for a local contractor to remodel your kitchen in Reseda? HandymanReseda is the answer to "Handyman near me." We have over 15 years of experience in commercial and home kitchen repair & remodeling and another handyman service like painting, plumbing, home repair, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, flooring, and window and electrical installation. 

A big kitchen remodel project can bring you more benefits than a minor one but the cost of a major kitchen remodel project can easily reach six figures if you hire a kitchen remodeler. On the other, the job can take several months to complete if you can do it yourself, and you might have to make do without a kitchen for some time.

A modern kitchen with all the latest amenities can make your home more comfortable and increase your property's value. A beautiful new kitchen can become the focal point of your family's life and even a center for social events. So, it is worth spending the time and money to remodel your kitchen. And with HandymanReseda, you can avoid getting overwhelmed by the details of the project before you start.


Let the experts and trained handyman at HandymanReseda take you through the process:

  • Assess your needs and wishes thoroughly: Often, the cost of the remodeling and then the end result fail to please the homeowners.
  • Distinguish between your needs and wants: Take note of persistent kitchen problems, if you have any. Make a list of everything missing from your kitchen and everything that needs to be replaced and remodeled. Then, distinguish them into your needs (necessities) and wants (luxury).
  • Logistics: Be aware of two aspects of kitchen remodeling projects early in your planning: the cost and logistics. You will likely have subcontractors working for you who will make noise and mess in your home for weeks or even months (which is never an issue with HandymanReseda, because we provide all the handyman services to get different jobs done around the house.)
  • Kitchen Remodel Resale Value: You should consider the financial return on a new kitchen. A dream kitchen is worth the cost if you plan to stay in your home for many years. It will be a family space that can serve you well for many decades. A surface-level kitchen remodel might be a better option if you're an empty nester looking to downsize to a smaller house in the future five years. The kitchen is an intimate space, and sometimes your idea of the perfect kitchen might not match that of another owner. Remodeling a kitchen can often bring back a portion of the cost to improve your home equity, but not all.
  • Be ready for compromise: Start planning your kitchen remodel project from the beginning. The simplest and most cost-effective way to remodel a kitchen is to outsource most planning, design, and management to a general contractor. However, a contractor can be expensive because you also have to hire and supervise subcontractors. You can save money by HandymanReseda! Although it is tempting to dream about custom cabinets and marble flooring tiles, you will soon discover that stock cabinets with hardwood veneer or mass-produced porcelain tiles will look amazing. You might even be able to use reclaimed cabinets or other materials to create vintage-style kitchens that are unique and affordable if you're creative.
  • Kitchen Design and Planning: You can begin to think about what you want in a kitchen and then start creating a plan from the start before hiring us. You can easily find many kitchen plans on the internet. Here is a list of basic kitchen plans. All plans include a version of the classic workflow model, called the kitchen triangle, to make it easy to move around: One-Wall Design, Corridor Design, L-Shape Design, Double-L Design, and U-Shape Design. These classic kitchen designs will most likely be your best choice for your new kitchen.


  • Kitchen design software: Several free design software available on the internet can guide you through space planning.
  • Physical design kits: These boxes include punch-outs made from cardboard that represent cabinets and appliances. You can visualize your space by placing punch-outs on a grid.
  • Kitchen designers: Kitchen designers are usually found at kitchen design shops or home improvement stores. They will design your kitchen for free. They will, however, direct you to their vendors and their work crews. Independent designers have more freedom and can produce better products because they are subject to fewer restrictions. They usually charge you an hourly rate or a percentage of the project costs.
  • General contractors: These GCs may also manage kitchen remodeling projects. However, their design assistance won't get into detail until you hire them. However, most GCs bidding for a job will provide suggestions and perhaps even plans as part of their proposals. Talking to contractors can help clarify your goals.


  • Building Permits: Once you are ready to hire a handyman, it is time to apply for permits. You must apply for permits from multiple agencies. Your county or city may administer the building, plumbing, and electrical permits. Any work that involves the water supply or drainage may need to be approved by your water company. At HandymanReseda, we will get all the necessary tickets if you hire us for the renovation.
  • Prepare Your Home: Plan for meals and other emergencies during the downtime of your kitchen. Some kitchen remodels may allow for plumbing and appliances to be functional during certain parts of the work. Your stove, sink, or other devices may be out of commission for a shorter time than usual, sometimes even several weeks, while your kitchen remodel is underway—plan for how you will live without your kitchen for the duration of its outage. You can affix a few of your appliances in another room and then set up an informal kitchen. You can use a home bar or recreation room with a sink to serve as a cooking or dining area. To reheat your meals, you can prepare a few meals ahead of time and keep them in the freezer. You might eat out more, or you may find yourself at home with friends and family. If you are willing to cook for them, invitations will be likely.
  • Kitchen Demolition: After all the preparation is done, the real challenge begins. Demolition can be noisy, messy, and even fun. The first step in the process of building a new kitchen is to remove the old appliances. It can be physically demanding but isn't difficult if you have to remove load-bearing walls. All our handymen wear safety gear and are aware of the security precautions. We are also cautious with all your appliances and other kitchen stuff because we know that this stuff needs special handling.
  • Kitchen Structural Build-Out: Once the demolition is complete, the typical kitchen remodel project starts with our carpentry crew doing any framing work necessary, which may require some significant construction work, depending on the layout of your new kitchen. Do you need to add or replace windows? Are you removing windows to make more cabinet space? To open up the kitchen and the rest of your house, we might need to take down walls. Even minor kitchen remodels may require joists to be strengthened to support heavy appliances and built-ins like a kitchen island.
  • The rough-in of plumbing, wiring, and HVAC: After framing, the next step is to run new or rerouted pipes, wiring, and HVAC ductwork which is called the mechanical roughing-in phase and is handled by our licensed plumbers and electricians. Kitchens often require extensive wiring and plumbing. Many new circuits are necessary to meet current wiring codes for kitchens. Because of the complexity and inherent dangers of plumbing and wiring, we can trust our expertise in this field.
  • Plumbing rough-in: Unless the kitchen renovation involves replacing the sink, refrigerator, and dishwasher in the same places, there will likely be some rerouting or relocating the water supply and drain lines. Even if fixtures are not being replaced, replacing any existing plumbing pipes is a good idea. For example, galvanized steel pipes can now be replaced by PEX. The first of the two required inspections will be conducted after the plumbing rough-in has been completed. The inspector will inspect the installation while still on the walls to ensure that the work is done following code. We will arrange for the inspection.
  • Connecting the Rough-In: The electrical service upgrades required for large kitchen remodels can be more complex than plumbing. Modern kitchens are very heavy and may need seven circuits or more. Your home must have at least 200 amp service to power large modern kitchens. Our electrician will update all electrical services in a house that is undergoing kitchen remodeling. The electrician will run the new kitchen circuits and likely remove any wiring from the kitchen. He will also install new wiring to all kitchen circuits. Reviewing and passing the rough-in wiring installation will be necessary before the project can move on to the next phase.
  • HVAC rough-in: Although not always necessary, all new HVAC ductwork is installed simultaneously as wiring and plumbing. An HVAC contractor can install sheet metal ductwork. They are familiar with the physics and can place the vent registers, and cold return registers at the best locations.
  • Ceilings and Finish Walls: The next step is transforming the kitchen from a battle zone into a kitchen. After the inspection has passed, the plumbing, wiring, and HVAC rough-ins, walls, and ceilings are ready to be sealed up. Exterior walls will be insulated using fiberglass batt to protect from inclement weather and the kitchen. It is the best time to put in high-quality insulation, as plenty of wall cavities might be open. The drywall is then hung, and the seams are taped. Now, ceilings and walls are primed and painted. Ceilings that are being textured will directly be applied. Homeowners can perform insulation, drywall installation, priming, and finishing ceilings and walls to save money. But we can complete this work quickly and for a relatively low price.
  • Install cabinets and countertops: Our carpenters will install them as the kitchen remodel nears its end. Cabinet-hanging requires patience. It usually takes a few days. It may look simple, but installing countertops can be difficult. It is best to have ceramic tile countertops installed by professionals who will also be installing the ceramic tile floor. Solid-surface materials, like Silestone, Formica, or Corian, must be manufactured and installed by licensed fabricators affiliated with the manufacturer. Granite, marble, synthetic quartz countertops can be so heavy that it is best to have them installed by professionals. Installing countertops should be perfectly flat and level. It is essential to have solidly anchored base cabinets.
  • Install Plumbing and Wiring Fixtures: Now, you are on the second to last step, which involves installing appliances and final connections of plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures. After installing devices, our plumber will hook up the refrigerator water supply and install the sink and faucets. The electrician will return to connect switches and outlets and installs light fixtures. Finally, the ductwork covers installation will take place.
  • Inspection and Completion: Now it's time to finish the renovation tasks. Do a walk-through with us and make a list of any details that are not to your satisfaction. It is a standard part of remodeling projects. It includes things such as trimming molding joints that aren't exactly right, fixing any scarring or dings that may have occurred during appliance installation, and any other minor discrepancies that you may notice. It is time for you to be satisfied with the results. Your permits must be completed at the end of your project, which means that the inspectors will have to inspect your kitchen and review the work before stamping your permit application as complete or final.

Your kitchen is now complete! Be ready to cook in your dream kitchen. You will be happy with the space and convenience we would have created for you, bringing your vision to life.

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