Window Installation in Reseda: Windows is an essential component that can increase your home's curb appeal and value; they provide security and protection from the elements. They can sustain damage from the elements over time. To avoid costly window installations, repairs, or replacements, hire a professional window contractor at HandymanReseda! We offer an array of window installation services. Since we are a handyman service, you won't have to stress about hiring subcontractors for any additional work in any part of the house.


French Windows:

  • It is crucial to measure the radius of the swing before installing French windows; it will ensure that it is operable.
  • It is necessary to remove the old window and clean the frame of insulation or debris.
  • The French window is then cut to the exact dimensions of the existing frame. We can reduce the space by using plywood or studs if the new window is smaller than the current frame.
  • You must place a weather barrier around the opening of your frame to ensure it is flush with the edge for the new window.
  • The French window is first temporarily installed, and the supporting components of the window components are installed. It must be centered appropriately to ensure security. Any required adjustments are to level the window with shims.
  • The final step in the installation will be to install screws and fill any gaps with insulation.
  • Finally, we trim around the outside and inside of the window before reinstalling.

Benefits of French Windows:

  • Durability: The construction of French windows and doors is typically made with heavy-duty materials and high-protection-grade glass.
  • Multiple Use: French doors look like a window but can also be used as an entryway to other areas.
  • Appearance: Because of their charm and sought-after appearance, they are a significant investment that can increase the property's real estate value. The best thing about French windows and doors is the view. This design offers the best benefit: you can swing your doors wide to let in the fresh air.

Bay Windows:

  • First, we remove the old bay window from the house and any interior sills, window casings, exterior trim, frame, and frames.
  • Then, we measure the custom-made bay windows carefully and make any repairs, if needed.
  • The bay window frame should have a level base that allows for proper shimming.
  • Like French windows, the bay window is also temporarily installed before installing the window components' supporting components. The shims are inserted into the wall and screwed to the window to level it, and the window is reinstalled.

Benefits of Bay Windows:

  • Appearance: Bay windows are not only beautiful, but they also have many benefits. Bay window installation will make any interior appear bigger by adding space. Although this can reduce exterior space, the additional square footage indoors can be used for storage and window seating. A bay or bow window provides a great view from the external and allows natural light to flood in, making it even more attractive and helps save energy.
  • Uses: Bay windows offer additional benefits, such as increased cross ventilation. The side panels can be opened and let in the fresh air. You can add extra insulation on both interior and transparent screens.
  • Charm: Because of their timeless curb appeal, these stylish fixtures can increase property's real estate value.

The trained window installation handyman at HandymanReseda takes all safety precautions seriously and gives the best advice for window installations.

  • It is essential to use superior materials while installing your windows to ensure that your windows last a lifetime and can withstand harsh weather conditions. We do not allow any material to fail, so we only use the highest quality materials. Our experts are always available with advice that you might require while choosing materials.
  • It is ideal for sealing most construction projects like gaps, cracks, holes, voids around doors and windows. We make use of foam which is very flexible and expands little during application. It is an effective method to stop air and moisture infiltration and precious warm and cold air loss. Low-pressure foam won't warp or alter windows or doors.
  • It is simple and easy to choose the right trim coil color for your exterior design. We use quality products to install trim components to match your vinyl siding or windows as professional installers.
  • Long-term sun exposure can cause uneven discoloration and even performance problems. We always advise using materials that provide sun protection higher than PVC or other top coil finishes. It should provide enhanced gloss retention and a consistent appearance.
  • We prefer using materials that are superior to other coil finishes in most Physical Performance Standards. It is to ensure that the custom trim components are longer-lasting and retain their quality finish.
  • Trees and dirt, oil, salt spray, and pollution can all cause staining and damage to your home's exterior. The cleaning protocol should be easy as well. Plain water should remove dirt and other debris.


While replacing windows can be done quickly, incorrect installation can cause air seepage or loss of energy efficiency. Some windows come with an installation warranty, and the warranty can become void if the window is not installed correctly.

For a professional installation, you will most likely need to hire a contractor to replace your windows. It can be challenging to find the right contractor.

  1. Prepare a budget: Window prices can range between $200 and $2,000, with an average price of $650.
  2. Do research: It is essential to choose the best windows for your home before hiring a contractor. Many window installation companies specialize in a particular type of window. It is necessary to decide before you call the right person. You might choose to install a PVC window or a fiberglass one if you are looking for an efficient window. Each window type has a different level of efficiency based on its air leakage and sunlight transmittance. It is better to know what you want before you start asking questions to contractors. It could save you lots of time and money.
  3. At least three detailed biddings are required: You should not accept just price quotes, and the bids should specify the materials and products that the contractor will use and the labor costs. It should also include start and end dates. Remember that the more precise the bid, the better. It will avoid any issues later. Neither party can claim that they didn't understand what was covered. Also, ask for payment terms in the bid. No matter what discount or amount you are offered, you should never have to pay the whole amount upfront. A contract and bid should ask for 20% to 30% at the beginning of the job. You can pay the leftover sum based on your understanding with the contractor as soon as the job is completed to your satisfaction.
  4. Check the fine print in the contract: You must ensure that your warranty covers you in the event of a problem with the windows in your home or with the artistry. A standard warranty for windows is usually 10 years, with an additional two-year (minimum) workmanship warranty. Windows can break or fail due to the way they are installed. Therefore, it is essential to get an artistry warranty that covers actual installation.
  5. Refer to references of potential window installers: Referrals should be checked by customers. A company that has a strong reputation as a supplier of window products is essential. Ask to see photos of similar jobs to yours. Ask the company how many years they have been in business. A minimum of five years' experience in the industry is considered ideal. Ask for references from customers who have had problems with their company. You should ensure that the factory-trained installers are full-time window installers, as the installation is as necessary as the product. Refrain from hiring people who do window installation one day and bathroom installation the next. At HandymanReseda, we have specialists for each area of expertise because we know you need an installer who can work with windows every day.
  6. Always verify the contractor's license: Before you begin your project, make sure you know whether your jurisdiction requires you to obtain a permit. Also, ensure that your contractor is licensed and registered for this type of work. Not all states of America require home-improvement contractors to be licensed. For example, Virginia does, but Ohio doesn't. Go through online lists to verify if a contractor is licensed in your state or municipality. You can request the license number from the state if the state requires licensing. Then, check to see if there have been any complaints about the company in the past or present. Also, ensure that your contractor has current insurance. 
  7. Certifications: It is as vital as the windows to be installed by the window company you choose. Window replacements can increase the value of your home, but if the window company isn't certified to do the job, your windows will not perform as well.

HandymanReseda's team of experienced installers can become crucial to your window installation project. An improper installation can cause more problems than an ugly sight. It could also result in drafts or other damage to your home.

It is essential to consider the following when evaluating window installers:

  1. Experience: Experience is a crucial factor in determining the success of a window company. Their years of experience with different styles and materials is a contributing factor to their knowledge. They are experts in what works and what does not. They have a lot of industry experience and can recommend solutions to your window problems.
  2. Focus: While general contractors can be great for most projects, it is best to hire a specialist in window replacement when you are replacing windows.
  3. Refer to references: When evaluating window installers, it is vital that you verify their references.
  4. Training: Ensure that your window company is appropriately trained in window installation techniques and the latest methods. Professional installation techniques are taught to experts contractors. To stay current on the latest window technologies and innovations, many contractors attend training and seminars.
  5. Certifications: Look for certifications when hiring a contractor. It is evidence that they are qualified and licensed to install your replacements. Many manufacturers issue certificates to contractors to ensure the professional installation of their products.
  6. License: It is the primary proof that the contractor operates a legal business that complies with the state's strict standards. It protects you from contractors who may not be eligible to offer products and services.
  7. Clear and Comprehensive Bid: For completeness and clarity, review all bids. What is the scope of the offer? Are there any hidden fees? Are there any hidden charges, such as disposal fees?
  8. Attention to detail: When the windows are installed, a reputable company will clean up after themselves.

Are you located in Reseda? Then HandymanReseda is the answer to "Handyman near me.

Each window is measured more than two times by HandymanReseda's technicians before it is installed to ensure accuracy. Furthermore, each window is measured to the millimeter to ensure a tight seal. While we work, we will place drop cloths on the day of installation to prevent dirt and debris from tracking through your home. Once your windows have been installed, we will remove your old windows. After installing your windows, your crew leader will inspect your home and confirm that they are up to your expectations. We will walk through your home with you to show you what we are doing and assess if any special requirements or needs exist. We will take the utmost care to protect your property and keep your home as clean as before we start. After installation is completed, we will take you for a final walk-through. Our crew will clean up the job site and answer any questions that you might have about how to operate or clean windows before we leave.

Our goal is to make it easy to install windows. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about window installation.

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